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As registered under the Companies Act
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Please include the area code
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If registered for tax previously
Mainly Retail
Mainly Wholesale
Mainly Manufacturing
Building & Construction
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Service or Other
In the next field below, please describe the business conducted in as much detail as possible. Give a precise description such as 'newsagent', 'dairy farmer', 'textile manufacturer', 'property letting', 'investment income' etc.
Please do not use general terms such as 'shopkeeper', 'manufacturer', 'computers', 'consultant' etc.
Directors & Secretary
The company will be incorporated with an authorised share capital of 100,000 ordinary shares of 1 each and an issued share capital of 100 ordinary shares of 1 each. Amendments to this can be made post incorporation if necessary. Please detail below who these 100 shares are to be issued to. If also a director, name will suffice.
Business Premises Rental
NOTE: If business premises is rented more fields will appear.
Not to be the estate agent or rent collector
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